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Audio clips

Okay, this is where this site really shows its age - it was originally built in 1997. MP3s were a new fad and iPods hadn't been invented yet. Nobody had broadband. 17 bonus points for anyone who can play a RealAudio file these days...

Here are some audio clips to give a little taster of the masterpiece. There's a Windows WAV file to spruce up your PC and a few 28.8 mono Real Audio clips...

Please note that following my change of ISP I have lost the ability to stream RealAudio, so you'll have to download the entire clip before you can play it.


It's not a good omen when goldfish commit suicide - Windows WAV file.

Keepin' a date with the rain - a good example of the blending of Godley & Creme's music with Peter Cook's dialogue, and you get to hear Blint, Pepperman, Haig and Walter! Download (RealAudio)

Rosie - Blint reminisces to Lulu. Download (RealAudio).

Labrokes! Good morning! Gambling is our trade! Download (RealAudio).

It's cool, cool, cool in the morning Download (RealAudio).

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