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Paul Gambaccini's sleevenotes

Godley & Creme asked the radio presenter Paul Gambaccini to write the sleevenotes for Consequences. The result was a lavishly-illustrated LP-sized booklet that came with the orginal triple album boxed set. It's an interesting read, taking the form of a diary, expressing his concerns about the project, as well as his own reputation. He says at one point, 'the last thing I want to do is submit three thousand words of my own copy to Pseud's Corner' (the column in the British satirical magazine Private Eye, then owned by Peter Cook, devoted to amusing pretentious claptrap).

I can't fit the original vinyl box set booklet in my scanner, but to give you a flavour, and the text, here are scans of the book that came with the US CD reissue in 2000. Click on the images for full-size versions.

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