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This site is compiled and administered by Giles Booth. Please feel free to tweet me (I am @blogmywiki) or e-mail me at giles dot booth at gmail got com. with contributions, additions to the discography or anything at all really. Many many apologies if you've been trying to email me over the last year - I thought things had gone quiet and I've just discovered mail to the old address has been vanishing into cyberspace.

clipping from Mojo Magazine - This month's most peculiar e-mail was from
BBC producer Giles Booth who says "I could stand the cruel world's indifference no longer. I
have created an unofficial home page for the long-neglected 1977 masterpiece
Consequences..." It's true, an entire Website for a 20-year-old album... not even Sgt Pepper
has that - THE MOJO NAVIGATOR In the very early days of this site (when it still lived in the Paris district of Geocities) it got the rather nice write-up in Mojo that you see on this page. I was working in Bush House as London producer for NPR and we were very lucky - back in 1997 - to have reasonably fast internet access, a luxury my colleagues in the rest of the BBC didn't have.

Mr Blint's Attic was also mentioned in Uncut - who go the URL wrong, so I had to create a page with the wrong address - if you see what I mean!

The web-site has evolved over the years, originally made on a clapped-out PC in Windows Notepad and more recently spruced up with the help of a Bondi Blue Rev A Apple iMac, using BBEdit Lite and Macromedia Dreamweaver 1.2 for Macintosh. The latest redesign was done long ago on a white dual-USB Apple iBook. I think a Wordpress makeover may be on order, but I quite like the fact that the design of this site dates back to 1997!

Thanks to: Ashley Booth (Images sleevenotes), Roland Clare (goldfish wrangler), Minestronies the world over, David McCarthy, Strobes of Private Eye, Mojo magazine, Paul McNulty, Michael Stroup and T.J.Thurston (Minestrone mailing list).



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