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Consequences, by Lol Creme / Kevin Godley. Original boxed set, triple LP with booklet. Mercury CONS17 (UK 1977)

US boxed set, 3 x LP. Mercury SRM-3-1700 (US 1977), disc label pictured below:

US vinyl disc

Dutch promo, 1977
Mercury Records, 9199 062/3/4
Many thanks to Jan van Vugt for sending me these pictures of what looks like a sample demo from Phonogram in the Netherlands. The broken label is original, it would have been sent out from the factory like that.

Cassette boxed set. Mercury CONC17 (UK 1977). Click on the small images below to see the rather wonderful packaging in more detail. Many thanks to Andrew Schoen for sending me these photos.

Australian vinyl set: 6641 658 (individual discs 9199 062/063/064), disc label pictured below:

UK vinyl disc


Double CD re-issue. Mercury / Polymedia Marketing Group 848 565-2 (Germany 199?). Pictured below. Limited edition of 3000 copies, serial number marked on booklet in biro. Booklet full of typographical errors, and with far fewer pictures or credits. The track listing on the back of the box is wrong, suggesting each disc is divided into many tracks when, in fact, there are only 3 tracks on each disc. There is also a clumsy edit (and attempt to remove the fade) on the number 5 in the final lead-in to 'Blint's Tune' (on the vinyl version you had to change sides of the disc at this point).

the holy grailCD booklet


Double CD re-reissue. One Way Records OW543634 / 314 543 634 2 (US, Dec 2000). A far superior re-issue, with two discs in a slim 'Brilliant Box'. They have done a good job at reproducing the text and artwork of the orginal booklet along with lyrics to the songs. Few typographical errors, aside from 'Pete Cook' on the CD and CD case, and a reference to the Manchester suburb of 'Didbury' (rather than Didsbury) - but then that was in the orginal booklet anyway! Click on the images below for larger, more detailed views of the packaging.
As for the disc itself, it is divided into many more tracks, making navigating the disc far easier - which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your point of view. The audio quality is good and the transition into 'Blint's Tune' is a bit smoother.


Japanese CD re-issue. Universal / Mercury UICY-9170, 2008(?). Beautifully packaged in a cardboard box; contains 2 CDs that seem to be the same as the One Way CDs (same track splits on each CD). It has a facsimile of the original booklet that came with the vinyl triple album boxed set, a Japanese leaflet (translation please!) and - rather oddly - three coloured paper sleeves that match the original vinyl sleeves. But there are only 2 CDs - weird, but nice and very Japanese. The CDs also say they play at 33 and a third!


2019 reissue - Caroline International / Universal Music CAROLR058CD. 5 (yes FIVE!) remastered and repackaged CDs in a box set. Discs 1 - 3 follow the original vinyl discs, with tracks sensibly split. Disc 4 is the 'Music from Consequences' sampler album. Disc 5 is an edited highlights complilation of the whole work. The booklet has a new interview with Godley & Creme and reproduces the original booklet of Paul Gambaccini's sleevenotes in full.

Extracts from Consequences

Musical Excerpts from Consequences, Mercury MK-41, USA/1977
Vinyl LP promo packaged in white custom cardboard sleeve with black print. The sleevenotes are rather informative, if a little odd.

What you are holding in your hand are musical excerpts from Lol Creme and Kevin Godley's three-record creation entitled "Consequences." Because of the album's complex nature, we felt it incumbant upon our part to prepare a programming aid for radio.

To put this music in some sort of context, we have provided notes for each of the tracks on this sampler. Please listen to the entire three-record set of "Consequences" however. It is one of the most startling pieces of music ever created.



Wind -- 2:38
The wind is one of several elements of nature intoduced on side one of "Consequences." The warning by the wind of "Bye bye everything" indicates the rebellious activity to come against man from the other elements.

Honolulu Lulu -- 3:20
Hardly the Jan and Dean track from several years ago. This track aptly demonstrates the sounds that can be created with the Gizmo, the invention of Lol and Kevin that spawned "Consequences". The song itself provides an introduction to Hawaii, which is later destroyed by a hurricane as the elements go on their rampage.

The Flood -- 4:50
Guess what this one is about. This section is an edit of the complete LP track. The song slowly builds (listen to the way the waves of the water combine with an incessant drip to form a musical pattern) to a rock concert climax. The sky explodes and the rains come, and come, and come. This ain't the summer of love, but the spring of nature's discontent.

When Things Go Wrong -- 3:37
This track is out of sequence, but I'm sure by now you realize that not all is right with the world. The lyrics harken back to Lol and Kevin's days as one half on 10cc.


Five O'Clock In The Morning -- 3:53
Arguably the prettiest track on "Consequences," it offers a description of how people start the day. However, once again there is a warning that something is out of kilter with the world.

Lost Weekend -- 4:48
This track features the vocals of Kevin and (wait for it) Sarah Vaughan!! While the entire "Consequences" LP took one year to complete, Sarah required one take for her vocal contribution. The song is a ballad of parting, lost time, and lives separating, which relates to divorce proceedings ongoing throughout the triple album.

Cool, Cool, Cool -- 2:53
This is a great song, but what it has to do with the plot is unknown. However, with all the chaos happening in the world at this time, maybe that's the point.

Sailor -- 2:18
Part of "Consequences" takes place at sea. The end of the musical excerpts, this mood song tells simply of a sailor whose greatest love is the sea.

As should be obvious, these musical excerpts do not pretend to tell the story contained within "Consequences." For that, you'll have to listen to the entire three records, read the booklet enclosed in the package as well as the lyrics.

Although the story of "Consequences" sounds terribly intense on paper, there is more than a good share of humor. Indeed, with Peter Cook involved in the spoken sections, the humor is typically British - daft!

Enjoy all three records that comprise "Consequences." It is the work of two of the finest musicians in the world - Lol Creme and Kevin Godley - who left a most successful group to complete the kind of LP which has never before been attempted.


Music from Consequences, single LP containing the best music without the play. Mercury 9109 615 (UK, 1979) - presumably similar to the Canadian release below.

^ Many thanks to Rainer Frilund in Finland for the above images of the front and back of the 'Music from Consequences' sleeve - click on them to see larger pictures.

Music from Consequences, Mercury SRM-1-3780, Canada/1979
Commercial release with great shot of Kevin & Lol on front cover pointing to a miniature version of the cloud formation that appears on the front of the 3-LP set. The cover makes no mention of the original release (from which all the tracks are lifted). The lyric sleeve however, says the following: "Consequences, originally a triple LP recorded in 1976, was a vehicle for a series of musical experiments designed to test and explore the potential of the Gizmotron, a new musical instrument invented by Lol Creme and Kevin Godley. It is the story of one eccentric's battle against the combined forces of Mother Nature and the inherent weaknesses and frailties of human nature as portrayed by four other characters involved in the conflict of divorce.

This selection of 'Music From Consequences' includes the songs that reflect the attitudes and feelings of all five personalities, and some of the instrumental themes, describing the power of the Elements wot threaten them."

Side 1:
Five O'Clock In The Morning -- 3:56
When Things Go Wrong -- 3:47
Lost Weekend -- 4:48
Cool, Cool, Cool -- 2:53
Sailor -- 2:05
Rosie -- 3:06

Side 2:
Sleeping Earth -- 6:36
Honolulu Lulu -- 3:20
The Flood -- 6:45
Burial Scene -- 2:28

5 O'Clock in the Morning / The Flood. 7 inch single, white label promo. Mercury DJ 526 (73965). USA, 1977.
A. 5 O'Clock in the Morning [3:27]
B. The Flood (Edited Version) [3:40]
This US edited version of 'The Flood' is shorter than the UK one, duration is 3:40 and the UK one is 3:55 (on SAMP017) - they have removed the 15 seconds of water effects at the beginning.
(Thanks to Pierre Dhérété for the info and Tony-Lynn for the images - click on them to see larger ones).


5 O'Clock in the Morning. 7 inch single. Mercury GOD 001, UK 1977.


5 O'Clock in the Morning 2 x 7 inch demo sampler.
Limited edition promo double-pack. Mercury SAMP 017, UK 1977.
1A. 5 O'Clock in the Morning [3:54]
1B. The Flood (Edited Version) [3:55]
2A. Lost Week End [4:50]
2B. Honolulu Lulu [3:18]
Many thanks to Pierre Dhérété for the images and info on this - click on the small pictures below for larger ones. They show the front, gatefold, back and disc label respectively.
SAMP017 front Gatefold




Images by Godley & Creme. Spectrum Music 550 007-2 (Germany). This compilation contains 'Lost Weekend', probably the finest song on the album, featuring Sarah Vaughan on vocals. Its sleevenotes contain the following:

It could only happen in the over indulgent 70's. Two members of a highly successful rock group appreciated by the public and the critics alike decided to leave so that they could develop an instrument called a 'Gizmo' and release a triple album telling the story of 'Man's Last Defence Against An Irate Nature'

The group in question was 10cc, the duo Godley and Creme. Kevin Godley born 7th Oct. 1945 and Lol Creme born 19th Sept. 1947 had been friends since art school days. They teamed up with Eric Stewart and achieved a would-wide hit under the name of The Hotlegs with 'Neanderthalman'. In 1972 they became a four piece with the addition of Graham Gouldman and called themselves 10cc.

Four years of success was abruptly halted when drummer Godley and guitarist Creme left to work as a duo. The main reason stated was to develope a new instrument they had invented called a 'Gizmo'; a small device attached to the bridge of the guitar, with small wheels which bowed the strings creating an orchestral effect. They used the device since The Hotlegs and used it a great deal on 10cc tracks. In '77 the duo released a triple album called 'Consequences', featuring narration by Peter Cook and a guest apperance by Sarah Vaughan. The expense (twice the price of most albums in its day) and the somewhat pretentious subject matter in the face of the punk rock movement meant it was a commercial failure compared with 10cc's work. A single album was edited out of the project 2 years later.


The History Mix by Godley & Creme contains samples from Consequences.


Other Godley & Creme Gizmo records

L by Lol Creme and Kevin Godley. Polydor (US, 1978) PD-1-6177 / 2480 485 (LP), 8T-1-6177 (8-track), CT-1-6177 (cassette). Gizmo on 5 tracks, including 'The Sporting Life' and 'Art School Canteen'. Now re-issued in a CD double-pack along with Freeze Frame by OneWay.

Freeze Frame by Godley Creme. Polydor 831-555-2 (mid-price CD, UK). Fine Gizmo work on 'Random Brainwave' and possibly 'Clues' also. Originally released in 1979, now re-issued on CD by OneWay - bundled with L. angry sea pic

Thanks to David McCarthy and 'He is John' for help with this discography.

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