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The Inevitable Links Page

I've always shied away from having a Links page - too predictable, too woodchip, too beige. But then I thought it might actually be useful to people, so here's a handy list of related web sites, and some of the links may even not be dead.

Godley & Creme & 10cc

Minestrone mailing list
I'm afraid there was just too much traffic on this 10cc mailing list and 99% of it was of no interest to me personally, so I unsubscribed a couple of years ago. That's not meant to be a criticism of the list, it's just a personal view. I'd be grateful if anyone could pass on any relevant posts about Consequences that may escape me. Mr Blint's Attic would be a poorer place without the contributions of 'Stronies the world over.

The Classic Bubblegum Music Home Page
I know Godley & Creme aren't exactly bubblegum, but Andy Bergey's extraordinary site includes an intriguing article on 10cc at

Peter Cook

The Establishment
The web page of the Peter Cook Appreciation Society



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