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I’ve written a short novel – it’s aimed at young adults and old adults alike. And it’s currently only 99p on Kindle!

cb2011-back-jacket     jacket2      jacket-remix-2011

It’s about Anthony, a boy on holiday in Cornwall with his mum. His dad has stayed back in London and when there’s a massive terrorist attack back at home, his dad vanishes and Anthony’s life starts to fall apart. A girl called Patience who’s staying in a nearby chalet comes to Anthony’s rescue. Was his Dad really who he seemed? And could pretty, rich girl Patience actually be the girl of Anthony’s dreams – his imaginary girlfriend Constance Breakwater?

Constance Breakwater and Her Beautiful Museumhood is now available for download as a DRM-free Kindle book from Amazon. Kindle books can be read on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android and Blackberry devices as well as the gorgeous Amazon Kindle eBook reader. And as an eBook, even a work with a title as cumbersome as this won’t weigh you down…

Click here to view, download a free sample or buy Constance Breakwater and her Beautiful Museumhood at Amazon.

If you’re old school and want a proper book, or if you’re worried about getting your Kindle wet in the bath, you can now buy a new print edition from Blurb. This has the same text as the Kindle edition, and it is substantially revised from the first draft printed copies that I circulated in 2009. (Getting a few copies of an early draft printed on and circulating them among friends is a great way of getting feedback – I encouraged people to scribble on them and when I gathered them up I had a great resource to help me improve the text.)

The book is inspired by the landscape of West Cornwall, by Gwithian and Godrevy where you can find, perched on a tiny island, the lighthouse Virginia Woolf had in mind when she wrote To The Lighthouse. The old dynamite factory is a real place – see some photos of it here.

obsidianite brick

All the chapters are named after song titles, so I’ve also made a Constance Breakwater Spotify playlist of songs that are either referenced in the book or which seem to fit with the tone. Not all the tracks I want are on Spotify, so I’ve made some substitutions. I’d love to have included Nannou or Goon Gumpas by the Aphex Twin or more songs like Ominous Cloud by Broadcast. Maybe I’ll make a CD for friends’ copies.

The standing stones of Men-an-Tol.

lifeguard hut     bigfoot
Lifeguard hut and beach with Godevy Lighthouse beyond.

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