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In the 4th Last Orders podcast, I visit Hop Stuff, a brewery that links South London with North London, and which is at the heart of a huge new property and transport development.

See some photos of the brewery and the area on my blogpost here.

Listen to it in the SoundCloud player above, download the MP3 here, or find it on iTunes.

In the 3rd Last Orders podcast, I visit Bohemia Place in East London to investigate the surprising story behind one of my favourite beers, Wu Gang Chops The Tree from Pressure Drop.

Sam Smith also explains why a lengthy R&D phase was crucial to the Pressure Drop's success, and talks about the future: is the current interest in craft beer sustainable, and how big would he like the brewery to become. I also totally fail to ask Sam if nominative determinism led him to becoming a brewer.

You can also see some photos of the brewery on Flickr here.

Download the MP3 here, find it on iTunes or just play it on Soundcloud:

The 2nd Last Orders podcast visits The London Beer Dispensary

Another South East London beer (and cider) gem - a brewery-owned bar where you can sample and discuss great beers from all over the country, in a very welcoming environment.

Download the MP3 here.

The first Last Orders podcast has fermented!

Lend me 15 minutes and I will take you on a journey to an old builders' yard in South East London, now home to shiny brewing vessels and where you can learn the dark (and not so dark) arts of mashing, sparging and hopping.

An MP3 download is available here (click, or right-click and save). It's also on iTunes and the Last Orders podcast RSS feed is here.

The Last Orders Manifesto

LAST ORDERS is an IMAGINARY book pub serving craft beer, wine, spirits & books to the residents of Lewisham, South East London. Pop in for a SWIFT HALF and never leave. It is a pipe dream, but...


During the day the pub will house a florist's shop and sell books. There may be drip coffee, but LAST ORDERS IS NOT ANOTHER CAFE. There are enough of those already. In the evening there will be craft beer, wine and unusual spirits, such as Somerset Cider Brandy and Tarquin's Cornish Gin.

It will be a dog-friendly venue for community events: book clubs, of course, but other things too: the maker community, arts, crafts, BRING US YOUR IDEAS.

Perhaps we could also tempt you with book-inspired beers brewed exclusively for us by some of our favourite breweries.

Last Orders IS NOT A KICKSTARTER. But it could be. It could breathe life in to one of the many empty pubs in South East London. I have never run a pub, I have never run a book shop. But a human can dream. Especially one who loves beer and books and dreams of a place where you can combine the two. Everyone I have mentioned this idea to wants to be a customer. People have said such a BOOK PUB would make them move across the country.

Other BOOK PUBS do exist, but LAST ORDERS will offer a seamless drinking and reading experience. A good time will be had by all.

Contact us via Twitter if you think THE PIPE DREAM SHOULD BECOME PIPE FACT: @LastOrdersBP

Last Orders Bookshop

As an interim measure, Last Orders could be a SHOP selling books, and craft alcohols like Brockley Brewery, Pressure Drop and Wild Beer Co beers, cider from Burrow Hill in Somerset plus spirits like Somerset Cider Brandy, Tarquin's Gin from Cornwall and Cornish Pastis.

Take our survey to help us see if this could become a reality.


LAST ORDERS will host events such as the imaginary ones outlined below, in an imaginary poster. If Peter Saville can deliver a poster for a gig after the gig has happened, we can deliver a poster for an event that no-one has planned in a venue that does not exist.

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