Barefoot Kitchen


I discovered Barefoot on Twitter. Can’t remember what the tweet was but followed the link to their website and bought a few Christmas presents. They have recently opened a cafe alongside their shop. Barefoot is in Gunwalloe, a small village near the Culdrose airbase just outside of Helston. Perched on top of the hill overlooking the Atlantic off the Lizard, the small cafe is in a light filled lofted room. It’s a family business , one daughter takes the orders and serves in the cafe, the other tots up the bill in the shop. Food is simple – paninis and soup, tea, coffee, Luscombes juices and cakes.

The shop sells Cornish made wooden plates, homemade chilli jam, aprons, belly boards and my Christmas purchases, enamel milk pans and mugs for serving hot chocolate on the beach. These come with square lumps of chocolate on sticks to put into hot milk.

I’m envious of Barefoot. A great position on the coast, and a very simple uncluttered life.

Barefoot Kitchen

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Day 1 of a new beginning

I don’t intend to number every day, but will call this day 1. As expected my job is to close. Still working out how this will work. Feel utterly exhausted and mentally drained. Doesn’t help that my head has been pounding all day and still is. No matter how many Nurofen & paracetmol I have had.

What did I cook today? Used up left over beef chilli and a veggie version for tea. Will do some baking tomorrow to satisfy the soul and replenish the cake tin.

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A new beginning

Why a new beginning? Well tomorrow I get to hear that my job will close and I will join the 650 others in the BBC World Service losing their jobs. OK. For probably the past five years I have wanted to either reduce my full time hours or take redundancy to achieve a better balance in my life. Now the prospect is quite frightening and very sad. I walked into Bush House aged 18 twenty five years ago next month, and it has been my main employer ever since. I believe in the journalism it stands for and the service it provides. What I haven’t enjoyed is how poorly managed it has become. Journalists don’t make good managers.

And now Too Many Cooks. A new way forward. My passions for food, cooking, eating & thinking about food. Along side growing food to eat. Feeding children to make them grow. And Cornwall…..

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