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WELCOME to Mr Blint's Attic, devoted to the worship of the sadly neglected, under-rated and generally ignored 1977 triple album Consequences by Godley & Creme (formerly of 10cc) which featured a play written and performed by British humourist Peter Cook.

May 2015 - Lots of news! First up, Kevin Godley has published an autobiography on iBooks and he now seems much warmer about Consequences than he once was. I hope to produce some extracts soon. Thanks to Paul Hamilton for alerting me to that, and for sending me some amazing scans of Melody Maker articles from 1977. Have a look at them here.

Andy Langran sent me photos of his THREE copies of Consequences - Japanese CD, cassette and vinyl. A true fan! Thanks, Andy.

Blint and you'll miss it.
10cc's Graham Gouldman was Simon Mayo's guest on Radio 2 today. He talked about his sadness at Lol and Kev leaving the band, and there's the briefest mention of our favourite triple concept album featuring Peter Cook - at about 1h 11m.

Sample news
Grateful for @bobthesheep for alerting me to No Brain by Madvillain - now where might that opening sample come from I wonder?

Consequences on the radio!
Klaus Wolter emails to say that he's doing a special about the Gizmo and Consequences on his radio show in Bremen, on Friday 19th July 2013 at 8PM German time (7pm UK time), it will be streamed here:

Stuart Maconie featured Consequences on BBC 6Music on Sunday 3rd Feb 2013. Find out more here.

promotional poster photographed by Philip Chudy

Many thanks for photographer Philip Chudy for sending me this scan of a promotional poster for Consequences which he did the photography and artwork for.


'In nature, there are
neither rewards nor punishments -
there are Consequences.'
R.G.Ingersoll, 1833-1899 - quoted in the sleevenotes




Just one piece of advice you might be able to use: 17.


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