WELCOME to Mr Blint's Attic, devoted to the worship of the sadly neglected, under-rated and generally ignored 1977 triple album Consequences by Godley & Creme (formerly of 10cc) which featured a play written and performed by British humourist Peter Cook. If you're new to the album I can recommend Gavin Hogg's excellent article in Sounds magazine as an introduction.

The 1977 cinema advert for Consequences.

The album was a commercial disaster, suffering from a eye-wateringly expensive price tag, as well as being a concept triple-album released just as punk was becoming widely popular and influential. But I love it. Explore the site to find out more about this extraordinary piece of work, the amazing story of the innovative analogue audio craft that went into its construction as well as the haunting new musical instrument - invented by Godley and Creme - that it was written to showcase.

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'In nature, there are
neither rewards nor punishments -
there are Consequences.'
R.G.Ingersoll, 1833-1899 - quoted in the sleevenotes




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