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It's shocking to think that the first of the three EPs collected on the CD came out in 1998, and yet Lemon Jelly have only just come to my notice - thanks to 'The Staunton Lick' being playlisted on XFM rather than hearing any of their Radio 1 Breezeblock sessions.

In what seems to have been a fairly dull year for popular music, this CD stands out shimmering and twinkling among the dross.

It's an instrumantal album, really... just simple loops and samples, melodic and gentle with neat bits of spoken voices sampled from relaxation cassettes, and, in the case of the fantastic 'The Staunton Lick', a teach-yourself-the banjo tape.

'His Majesty King Raam' also happens to be the perfect Christmas record, so eat your heart out Greg Lake.

Oh, and the packaging is to die for.

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Giles Booth
21st December 2000
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