Nigella’s Stalking Soup

Watched Nigella’s Christmas last night – the way it’s filmed makes you feel like a pervy stalker peering in through her kitchen window and lurking behind the light fittings… “phoar, come on Nigella, kneed yer dumplings”. Etcetera.

Anyway, I managed to just about filter out the infuriating camerawork and we made her Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato soup – it’s fab.

You just roast a load of chopped sweet potato and butternut squash with an onion and some wintery spices – cinnamon and nutmeg for example. Then when cooked whizz them in a blender with some veg or chicken stock, season and serve. We did make the buttermilk & blue cheese sauce (you whizz up buttermilk and blue cheese) but it’s very nice without.

Nigella recommends pouring the soup into things called ‘bowls’. I’ll have to investigate those, they sound quite useful.

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