Thrifty SE13 food buys of the week

We planned to get veg in Lewisham market today and fish in Deptford (I wanted lunch at Panda Panda). We didn’t quite make it to Deptford, but we got some bargains in the market:

  • over 2kg cherry tomatoes for £2
  • 2 large aubergines for £1
  • over 1kg broccoli for £1
  • a huge whole salmon, filleted for £15 from the fish stall at the McDonalds end. A couple buying other fish there told us they’d had one from that stall and it was lovely.


Having found the fish we needed in Lewisham, we didn’t really need to go to Deptford. I’m afraid we went to Tesco – where I found Thai coconut milk for 69p a can (they also sell tins for 99p and £1.30 so make sure you find the right one – it’s called Cocofresh). We use a lot of this in curries. And as we weren’t going to Panda Panda I bought these udon noodles which I pimped with finely-sliced carrot, chilli, radish, peas and prawns. They were about £2.19 for 2 packets – and it was an excuse to get the Japanese mandolin out of the cupboard where it’s been for the last 12 years or so. They were tasty. And Chewy. I always insist on Chewy brand udon.
pimped udon

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