Farfalle with broccoli

I’ll always remember a colleague of mine throwing a colour supplement across the newsroom in disgust.
“Anyone can make fine food with expensive ingredients. I want ALCHEMY!”
Well, this recipe is alchemy – it tastes better than the sum of its parts. And it’s for you, Frank. (Adapted from Jamie Oliver).

- Farfalle
- Anchovies
- Garlic
- Olive oil
- Chili flakes
- Broccoli – chopped finely, stalks and all
- Pine nuts

Fry the garlic, a few anchovies, chili flakes and broccoli in some olive oil in a pan with the lid on. Add water from the farfalle pan as needed to stop it burning. Cook until the broccoli is soft and the farfalle cooked. Drain farfalle and combine with the sauce. Throw some toasted pine nuts on top. Delicious.

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