Perfect crab sandwich

I was going to take a photo of this, I swear. Then I ate it. You will need:

  • crusty white bread
  • 1 lime
  • some wasabi paste or powder made up with warm water
  • fresh crab meat
  • mayonnaise

Butter the bread with mayonnaise – if that’s not a contradiction in terms. Spead the crab meat over one slice. Squeeze lime juice aplenty over. Then spread a very thin layer of wasabi paste over the other slice. Bring together, right now, over me.

I discovered Waitrose sell fab little pots of Cornish crab from Seefood & Eat It in Newlyn (see what they did there?). They do pricey pots of 100% white meat, cheaper ones that are 50/50 white and dark (that’s what I went for) and cheaper-still pots of 100% dark meat.

Nom nom nom. I love crab and prawns and lobster so much, I always forget I’m a bit allergic – until my lips go numb and my throat gets a bit prickly. But it’s worth it!

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