Ill of the dead

I was frantically searching for a long-lost piece of information last night, and I stumbled upon an old notebook. More than ten years ago I wrote this about a colleague, who has now shuffled off this mortal coil of quarter inch magnetic recording tape. I don’t think it’s fair to name him, so instead I’ll pick a name at random from the Adobe Photoshop splash screen.

Chris Cox must ask himself the following questions when any object comes to his attention:

1) Can I drink it?
2) Can I ask it out for dinner?
3) Can I back it each way?

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2 Responses to Ill of the dead

  1. James says:

    I think “Chris” would have beed delighted with this summary of how he lived. It’s almost how he might have sketched himself into Love Amongst The Razor Blades.

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