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Distraction-free writing OS

Here’s an idea for a cheap alternative to expensive ‘distraction-free’ word processors like the Freewrite (much as I love the idea of the Freewrite – I just cannot afford one.) A Linux-based OS on a USB stick that boots straight … Continue reading

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Surreal random micro:bit story printer

This is a slight twist on my original Little Box of Poems I originally made back in 2012. It mashes that up with Papert-inspired random poetry to create surreal haiku-like poems or story starters. This project uses a BBC micro:bit … Continue reading

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Add a 16×2 LCD display to a micro:bit

I had one of these cheap 16 x 2 LCD display modules hanging around that I bought to go with some Arduino or Raspberry Pi project that I never finished – in fact I couldn’t get the thing to work … Continue reading

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Microbit class votes

Up to 25 pupils each has a micro:bit which they can use for voting YES or NO to any question. Pupils press button A to answer ‘no’ to a question, or button B to answer ‘yes’. They can shake their … Continue reading

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Microbit treasure hunt

This is a much-simplified version of the MakeCode Hot/Cold game using Python. You hide beacons, players have to find them. You will need: – 2 or more micro:bits with battery packs – a computer with which to program them – … Continue reading

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