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The distraction of distraction-free word processors

I’m currently not writing at least three books. At least one of them, I am convinced, is an amazingly good idea. I’ve written a dozen chapters, at least one of which doesn’t make me cringe when I read it back, … Continue reading

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Make a simple calculator with guizero & Python

Making your own apps, even simple ones, with a GUI still seems to be surprisingly tricky, and this makes it hard to teach, especially if you want to build an app that will run standalone, or near-standalone, on a real … Continue reading

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Read a PS/2 keyboard on a BBC micro:bit

What you’ll learn That computer keyboards aren’t just switches – they need power to make them work They comprise a matrix of buttons connected in rows and columns Computers don’t read your keypresses directly – the keyboard contains a circuit … Continue reading

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Simple Python game with micro:bit OLED display

I’ve managed to get a simple game working on my micro:bit OLED display, and I ditched the breadboard at the same time, meaning that it should be possible to build this into a small case. I may even add some … Continue reading

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Distraction-free writing OS

Here’s an idea for a cheap alternative to expensive ‘distraction-free’ word processors like the Freewrite (much as I love the idea of the Freewrite – I just cannot afford one.) A Linux-based OS on a USB stick that boots straight … Continue reading

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