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Flotilla-controlled Raspberry Pi internet radio

As you may know, I love making internet radios! I’ve been rediscovering the Flotilla modular physical computing devices lately, and as my first Python project with Flotilla it made sense to… make a radio with lovely controls. Here’s what I … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Flotilla

Back in 2015 I backed Pimoroni’s Flotilla modular physical computing devices on Kickstarter and got an early set. I had some fun exploring it, but the software and support materials weren”t quite ready at the time and I started a … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Wiimote Paint

People have done some cool stuff controlling Raspberry Pi robots with Nintendo Wiimotes. Now I don’t have any robot bits, but I do have an old Wii sitting unloved upstairs, so I found the remote, put batteries in it and … Continue reading

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Picademy top tips and takeaways

I was incredibly lucky enough to get a place on Picademy in London this month. What is Picademy? It’s the best CPD I have ever had. They bring together teachers and educators for two days of shared learning about technology, … Continue reading

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Trash can PC

Here’s how I got a useful, working PC for next to nothing. SonB and I found a couple of old PC chassis dumped on the street a year or so ago, both missing hard drives but we took the memory … Continue reading

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