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DIY semi-interactive whiteboard

There’s been a bit of a debate on Twitter, hosted by @oldandrewuk, over the last few hours about the benefits of different display technologies in classrooms. Alongside interactive whiteboards (IWBs) like Promethean and SMART boards, people have been reminiscing about … Continue reading

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Making MakeyMakey instruments in class

Having proved the concept with the Colanderphone (© Felix Glenn), today I taught a combined DT / music / ICT / science lesson in Year 5. In the first lesson, I introduced the MakeyMakey and got the children each to … Continue reading

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Making beautiful music with a MakeyMakey

The MakeyMakey is a gizmo that allows you to control computers by touching anything that conducts a small amount of electricity: PlayDoh, fruit, vegetables, even graphite pencil. As you may know, I’ve been playing tunes on potatoes and making Scratch … Continue reading

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Visual MaKey MaKey Scratch piano

I liked the simple piano I used for the Potato Piano, but I wanted something with some visual feedback, so I just made this one. It works just the same, you wire up some vegetables, PlayDoh, stairs, children etc to … Continue reading

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Potato Piano

Inspired by Whack-a-Potato, I decided to make a Potato Piano, using a MaKey MaKey, a laptop and 8 potatoes. This is a pretty simple project: just go to http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/3197340/ and click on the green flag. You don’t even need to … Continue reading

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