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Possible first Y7 Python MicroBit lesson

Here’s my first stab at a first Year 7 MicroBit lesson activity sheet – it assumes you’re using Mu as your editor, but not REPL (command line). It’s untested and will evolve with suggestions and with experience using it in … Continue reading

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Can you do the Kettle Run in less than 12 parsecs?

Here’s another Python game for the BBC MicroBit that’s very easy for pupils to edit and improve. The idea is that you navigate your ship through a canyon – or cave system or mountains. You can rotate your MicroBit through … Continue reading

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Tilty MicroBit game

I am lucky enough to have 3 teacher BBC MicroBits to play with, and I am exploring using the awesome Mu Python editor – this allows you easily to program the MicroBit in Python totally offline, with absolutely no internet … Continue reading

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Simple MicroBit Python demos

Here are two VERY simple bits of code you can copy & paste into Mu to demo the awesomeness of Python on the MicroBit, and it’s easy for pupils to mess about with them and make them their own. The … Continue reading

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Now the BBC MicroBit starts to make sense

Behold, the world’s shortest USB lead! Today, after much moaning on my part about delays, I got our school’s 3 teacher BBC MicroBits. And I think I now know how I’m going to use them once we get the children’s … Continue reading

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