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Simplest Scratch game?

Give a group of Year 9 girls the option to do some coding or watch a film at the end of term, and you think they’d want to watch a film. Well not the last ever class I taught at … Continue reading

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First steps with Kano

A new cute-looking Raspberry Pi kit and OS? That’s what Kano claims to offer – a rather spiffy kit containing a Raspberry Pi, wireless keyboard & trackpad, OS on SD card, wifi adaptor, speaker, power supply and a nice case … Continue reading

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Lottie?

I really have better things to do (planning lessons, for example), so much has already been written and tweeted about Lottie Dexter and the Year of Code Car Crash of Newsnight – and yet, and yet… I hardly ever watch … Continue reading

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Little Box of Poems with a Raspberry Filling

Back in October 2012 I made my first Little Box of Poems – this is a self-contained box that prints out a random short poem when you press a big red shiny button. I like having poems instead of receipts … Continue reading

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Arduino exercise 2 – alternate pulsing lights

Having taught our Arduino to pulse a little red LED slowly on and off, and having built the circuit to go with it, we wanted to do something a bit more complex. We considered adding a buzzer, or a button … Continue reading

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