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Making a simple programming language on a micro:bit

I’ve been exploring writing a very, very simple text-based language for the micro:bit, in Python. I think it could be an educational project in two ways: A task for older students to design and create their own language. Make a … Continue reading

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Web-based intro to ScratchJr

It’s been bugging me for a while that there’s no web-based intro to ScratchJr, MIT’s awesome version of Scratch for younger children. And ScratchJr only runs on tablets. I made some simple block-coding activities like this turtle drawing game and … Continue reading

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Coding in Year 1 with Scratch

Since September I’ve been teaching ICT and Computing solely in a primary school, having spent two hectic but enjoyable years teaching from KS2 to KS4 in a girls’ school in London. I’m re-writing a curriculum that has much more focus … Continue reading

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Book Review: Code Academy by Sean McManus

Code Academy by Sean McManus, illustrated by Rosan Magar. Ivy Kids / Quarto Publishing, £9.99 This is an intriguing new book to introduce coding to children – there’s no guided age on the back but I think it should appeal … Continue reading

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Python activity – recreate Matisse’s Snail

  Here’s a fun lesson with Python Turtle graphics I did with my Year 7s. They had done some Python before – mainly stuff with loops, making and breaking Caesar cyphers, but I think it’s fair to say that they … Continue reading

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