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Rediscovering Flotilla

Back in 2015 I backed Pimoroni’s Flotilla modular physical computing devices on Kickstarter and got an early set. I had some fun exploring it, but the software and support materials weren”t quite ready at the time and I started a … Continue reading

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Scratch vs Python

Which is better for teaching coding in KS3: Scratch or Python? There’s only one way to find out! But seriously… I love Scratch. I think it’s a great tool for getting children interested in computing, and I do think there’s … Continue reading

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DIY semi-interactive whiteboard

There’s been a bit of a debate on Twitter, hosted by @oldandrewuk, over the last few hours about the benefits of different display technologies in classrooms. Alongside interactive whiteboards (IWBs) like Promethean and SMART boards, people have been reminiscing about … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi 2 hands-on

We’re now a FOUR Pi household. One Raspberry Pi is our wireless print server, enabling us to use an old cheap laser printer to print from Macs, Raspberry Pis, iPhones and iPads; another is our kitchen radio; the third is … Continue reading

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Where’s the joy?

A couple of weeks ago I took part in a school INSET day, and I have to admit I didn’t recognise the name of the guest speaker, all I knew was that he was a world champion ping-pong player. I … Continue reading

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