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Simple machine learning abstraction for kids

Update: this also works on a BBC micro:bit, scroll down to find out more! There are some great resources for teaching machine learning to kids, but I’ve noticed a lot of them rely on some magic happening in the cloud, … Continue reading

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10 things I have learned since becoming a teacher

As I lurch into my last three weeks of my teaching career (for a while at least) I thought I’d make a list of what my short but eventful teaching career has taught me. Most of these are teaching-specific but … Continue reading

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Simplest Scratch game?

Give a group of Year 9 girls the option to do some coding or watch a film at the end of term, and you think they’d want to watch a film. Well not the last ever class I taught at … Continue reading

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Accept no substitutes

It’s the end of term in most schools today, and I’d like you to take a moment to think about the supply teachers. (Vested interest declaration: reader, I am one.) Nobody loves a supply teacher. The class teachers (usually) have … Continue reading

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Supply & demand: the school staffing crisis

There is, I believe, a looming crisis in school staffing. In fact, I think it’s already here. We already know that the number of new teachers being trained is falling, and that schools struggle to retain staff after a few … Continue reading

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