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Simple machine learning abstraction for kids

Update: this also works on a BBC micro:bit, scroll down to find out more! There are some great resources for teaching machine learning to kids, but I’ve noticed a lot of them rely on some magic happening in the cloud, … Continue reading

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Easy new OLED driver for the micro:bit

I love OLED displays! The 128×64 pixel ones are really cheap and easy to interface with a BBC micro:bit, Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Here are a few things I’ve made with them: Screen for a self-contained TinyBASIC computer micro:bit compass … Continue reading

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Adventures in Arduino TinyBASIC

I’ve been watching Wifi Sheep’s Arduino simple BASIC computer builds and this cool little project using LCD and OLED displays with interest, and I thought I might have a go at building something similar myself with parts I have lying … Continue reading

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micro:bit NIM maths and computing investigation

NIM is a simple but potentially infuriating, ancient 2 player game. You have some counters or matchsticks, you’re allowed to take a limited number in each turn, say 1, 2 or 3. The winner is the person who takes the … Continue reading

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Making a simple programming language on a micro:bit

I’ve been exploring writing a very, very simple text-based language for the micro:bit, in Python. I think it could be an educational project in two ways: A task for older students to design and create their own language. Make a … Continue reading

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