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Microbit-controlled radio / MP3 player

Here’s a quick project showing the power of David Whale’s bitio Python library. This gives Python on a Raspberry Pi, Mac or Windows PC access to the physical sensors on the BBC micro:bit. You can control a program on your … Continue reading

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The FaderPhone microbit musical instrument

Today I made a (sort of) electronic musical instrument with a BBC microbit and an old BBC radio studio fader. It’s wired up like I did previously, only I used pin 1 in place of pin 0 – as pin … Continue reading

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Add a potentiometer to your microbit

I had a 10k potentiometer lying around that I saved from some junked electronics – it may have been a volume control or something, I can’t remember. Today I found a use for it when I found this excellent web … Continue reading

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Microbit wireless data logger with printout

This project uses 2 microbits – one attached to a thermal till-roll printer as before. This time there’s a second microbit which can be battery-powered and put on a car, parachute, dog, whatever takes your fancy. Every 10 seconds it … Continue reading

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Connecting a thermal printer to a BBC microbit

UPDATE – I have tidied up the code a lot and put a demo program on Github for you to enjoy – prints out a demo page like the one below: I have a Sparkfun thermal till-roll printer which I … Continue reading

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