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Tweeting photos from PS2 EyeToy on Raspberry Pi

It took some fairly heavy footling and jiggery-pokery, but I finally managed to get my Raspberry Pi to run a Python script which takes a photo on a webcam and tweets the picture – meaning I could set up a … Continue reading

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Kids in America: Newtown and Twitter

Watching Newtown unfold on Twitter was a strange experience. Like most news now, I first heard of it there, a colleague breaking the news in my timeline. I didn’t join in with RTs, and there was perhaps slightly less of … Continue reading

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Making FridgeGizmo run automatically

…or How to Get a Script to Run Automatically at the Auto-login on default Raspberry Pi Raspbian Linux. I want to get my FridgeGizmo that displays local weather and global tweets on an LCD display to start itself up automatically … Continue reading

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Pi shall tweet unto Arduino

More work to do, but big breakthroughs with FridgeGizmo today. I got the RaspberryPi pulling London weather and random worldwide tweets and trends and displaying them on my LCD display via an Arduino Uno. I installed Apache 2, the Apache … Continue reading

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I know what Twitter is like

It’s like the Noise in the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. It’s like being able to hear everyone’s thoughts all the time whether you want to or not. Or like Bruno Ganz in Wings of Desire. It’s nice when … Continue reading

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