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J’accuse: Apple killed the podcast

Okay, this isn’t exactly scientific. It’s based on a sample of precisely… 1. Me. But I can’t believe I’m alone. (Okay, my Morrissey A-Level studies tell me that we are all alone and shall be for ever, but you know … Continue reading

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Weather forecast on a RaspberryPi printer – now with added Pi

Here’s how I get the weather printed on my RaspberryPi-powered GoFreeRange internet printer every morning at 6AM. Overview I made a GoFreeRange printer using a RaspberryPi instead of an Arduino. I signed up for IFTTT and got it to send … Continue reading

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Daily weather forecast on my little internet printer

Rain, of course I want the weather forecast waiting for me on my little Raspberry Pi-powered internet printer in the morning. I tried signing up for the Printer Weather forecast app but it never worked – maybe it’s not running … Continue reading

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Kids in America: Newtown and Twitter

Watching Newtown unfold on Twitter was a strange experience. Like most news now, I first heard of it there, a colleague breaking the news in my timeline. I didn’t join in with RTs, and there was perhaps slightly less of … Continue reading

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Pi shall tweet unto Arduino

More work to do, but big breakthroughs with FridgeGizmo today. I got the RaspberryPi pulling London weather and random worldwide tweets and trends and displaying them on my LCD display via an Arduino Uno. I installed Apache 2, the Apache … Continue reading

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