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J’accuse: Apple killed the podcast

Okay, this isn’t exactly scientific. It’s based on a sample of precisely… 1. Me. But I can’t believe I’m alone. (Okay, my Morrissey A-Level studies tell me that we are all alone and shall be for ever, but you know … Continue reading

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RaspberryPi media server

It’s been a long-time goal of mine to have all my music in a central place so I can access it from all over the house. I can’t afford Network Attached Storage (NAS) at the moment, and I got a … Continue reading

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Little Box of Poems with a Raspberry Filling

Back in October 2012 I made my first Little Box of Poems – this is a self-contained box that prints out a random short poem when you press a big red shiny button. I like having poems instead of receipts … Continue reading

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Master and servant

Charlie Brooker has already written, far more amusingly than I could, about the hell that awaits an iPhone user who dares to try to manage their phone from a new computer. I’ve found myself in the same kind of nightmare … Continue reading

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Why I don’t get Instagram

Maybe I’m too old, maybe even I’m just getting a bit jaded with the faded faux Polaroid aesthetic – but I really don’t get Instagram. Instagram is a suddenly fashionable iPhone camera and social networking thing that aims to snatch … Continue reading

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