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Read a PS/2 keyboard on a BBC micro:bit

This is a testament to the power of ignorance. If you don’t know you can’t do something, sometimes you end up being able to do it. For years I’ve wanted to connect a normal computer keyboard to a BBC micro:bit … Continue reading

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How the micro:bit helps you understand fundamentals of computing

I’ve made a few projects recently using 4 x 4 membrane keypads with the BBC micro:bit. I made a calculator, then a wireless communicator and most recently I recreated the 1970s game Mastermind. I thought it might be interesting to … Continue reading

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micro:bit calculator with external keypad

I learned a lot about how matrix keyboards work in a recent micro:bit project where I made my own out of some buttons and wire. It’s much simpler, though, to use a ready made one and these 4×4 membrane keyboards … Continue reading

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Playing Arduboy games on a micro:bit

There are lots of little machines and platforms for making and playing your own games now; various colour LCD MakeCode Arcade machines, the Arduino-based Arduboy which uses a tiny but crisp black and white OLED display as well as the … Continue reading

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Simple Python game with micro:bit OLED display

I’ve managed to get a simple game working on my micro:bit OLED display, and I ditched the breadboard at the same time, meaning that it should be possible to build this into a small case. I may even add some … Continue reading

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