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An improved micro:bit CPU

In a previous project I made a simulation of a very simple microprocessor using a BBC micro:bit. It’s coded in MakeCode blocks and, although it only has 4 instructions in its very reduced instruction set, it behaves in many ways … Continue reading

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Make your own processor with a micro:bit

Last week I made a binary adding machine out of 3 micro:bits to learn a bit about how computers work deep inside. This week I’ve been inspired by Ben Eater’s 8-bit computer project. I highly recommend his videos if you … Continue reading

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Teaching algorithms in Year 1

There have been many challenges in my new role as a primary school Digital Learning Co-ordinator: teaching Computing to 3 Reception classes in a formal ICT room with desks and PCs designed for adults, adapting and evolving a curriculum on … Continue reading

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Coding as a way of understanding the Monty Hall problem

The other night a maths teacher and I were sharing a few cold drinks and we fell to discussing the Monty Hall Problem. Now, you may have heard of the Monty Hall Problem even if you don’t know it by … Continue reading

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Logging classroom temperature on a Raspberry Pi

Today I logged the temperature in our ICT room as part of a wider Y7 project on data handling, spreadsheets and climate change. We’re taking real historical weather data, analysing it in Excel and making Word documents about our findings. … Continue reading

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