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Noughts and crosses

I just inherited a load of books on programming the 6502 processor in assembly language (and a Kim-1 computer, more on that later!). Among them was an intriguing 1980 book by Rodnay Zaks called 6502 Games. Zaks wrote what, for … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi video art installation

My daughter makes video art and needed a simple solution for showing one of her pieces continually in a loop. I used an old Raspberry Pi model B for this. I just realised that the only place I had documented … Continue reading

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Why did 1973 matter to Classic Mac OS?

So I was clearing off an old 350MHz graphite Apple Macintosh G4 Server which had OS 10.4.9 on it, and decided to put Mac OS 9.2 on it for the lolz. This was a mistake, as I had been intending … Continue reading

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Send the time from a watch to a BBC micro:bit

Previously I got a BBC micro:bit sending temperature data to my BangleJS watch by Bluetooth. I did this using a very simple, but deprecated, Eddystone beacon radio protocol. I thought it would be interesting to send data the other way, … Continue reading

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Use a micro:bit as remote Bluetooth temperature sensor

I love my BangleJS2 watch – it’s an inexpensive smart watch with custom firmware that allows you easily to write your own apps using JavaScript. I’ve already made a couple of watch faces for it, but I was keen to … Continue reading

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