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A tiny screen for a Raspberry Pi

I have a few old Raspberry Pis lying around, including a Model B Rev 1 running Raspberry Pi OS Buster lite. I use it to serve up my simple MUD game. It has no wi-fi so it’s connected by ethernet … Continue reading

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Ceefax from an old Raspberry Pi

Got an old Raspberry Pi? Nostalgic for the golden age of teletext? Why not make your own in-house teletext server? For those who may be unaware, teletext was a service common in European (PAL TV standard) countries that transmitted news … Continue reading

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The distraction of distraction-free word processors

I’m currently not writing at least three books. At least one of them, I am convinced, is an amazingly good idea. I’ve written a dozen chapters, at least one of which doesn’t make me cringe when I read it back, … Continue reading

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A simple Raspberry Pi audio playout system with GUI for radio or theatre. It runs from one Python 3 program (code on Github) on a vanilla Raspberry Pi running Raspbian and requires no other software or libraries to be installed. … Continue reading

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Fip Now Plays

I’ve been tweaking my touch-screen Raspberry Pi radio. It’s optimised for the Pimoroni HyperPixel display, but it would work with any touch-screen, although it may need scaling for different sized screens. Aside from the mpd/mpc music player and adding some … Continue reading

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