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The distraction of distraction-free word processors

I’m currently not writing at least three books. At least one of them, I am convinced, is an amazingly good idea. I’ve written a dozen chapters, at least one of which doesn’t make me cringe when I read it back, … Continue reading

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10 Backlisted episodes that changed my life

It’s that time when people post their top 10 books, films, albums of the year. I even just saw a ‘top 10 best staircases of 2019‘ list, which made me panic and realise I haven’t even got my top 10 … Continue reading

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Human Voices by Penelope Fitzgerald

Human Voices by Penelope Fitzgerald (1980). 4th Estate Books, £8.99 It’s hard not think that I was destined to read, and indeed love, this book. Andy Miller recommended it to me saying he thought it would be right up my … Continue reading

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Thoughts upon entering a secondhand bookshop

Secondhand bookshops really are the most wonderful things, especially for those, like me, with brains but not brass. It is like being allowed into a salon filled with the greatest minds of our age (Faulkner, Shakespeare, McEwan) whose thoughts you … Continue reading

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Tomorrow Never Knows, Chapter 2

Only 8 months after chapter 1, here’s chapter 2. Enjoy! Tuesday morning ‘Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, Kimberley,’ were the words that greeted me this morning. Father was unpacking a huge delivery of books and putting them in … Continue reading

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