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Dice maths investigation using Scratch

This week I did a maths investigation I recall doing myself when I was at primary school – and that was a long time ago! It’s the one where you find out which total scores, if any, are more likely … Continue reading

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Coding as a way of understanding the Monty Hall problem

The other night a maths teacher and I were sharing a few cold drinks and we fell to discussing the Monty Hall Problem. Now, you may have heard of the Monty Hall Problem even if you don’t know it by … Continue reading

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A combined WW2 history, binary maths, computing, code-breaking lesson

I used the 70th anniversary of D-Day as a starting point for an investigation into binary arithmetic, code breaking, computer error correction, and computer programming. I began by showing children pictures of soldiers about to land in Normandy, a German … Continue reading

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Maths is not an exact science

Recently I’ve been going through the peculiar hell that is the Teaching Agency maths skills test. Anyone who wants to be a teacher has to pass this, even if you just want to teach GCSE English. Everyone says ‘you’ll be … Continue reading

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