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micro:bit binary adding machine

I’m going to how to show you to turn two or more micro:bits in to a binary adding machine, using the same code on every micro:bit. The ability to add two numbers together is a fundamental building block of any … Continue reading

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micro:bit binary quiz

Here’s a simple micro:bit project to help you practice converting between binary and decimal (denary / base 10) numbers up to 31. Binary place values 16 8 4 2 1 1 0 1 0 1 In this example, 10101 in … Continue reading

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Binary revision activity

I love making teaching resources in Scratch – even better getting pupils to make them too! Here’s a quiz I am going to use even as high as Year 9 to help them revise the binary number system: (requires Flash) … Continue reading

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A combined WW2 history, binary maths, computing, code-breaking lesson

I used the 70th anniversary of D-Day as a starting point for an investigation into binary arithmetic, code breaking, computer error correction, and computer programming. I began by showing children pictures of soldiers about to land in Normandy, a German … Continue reading

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