Binary revision activity

I love making teaching resources in Scratch – even better getting pupils to make them too! Here’s a quiz I am going to use even as high as Year 9 to help them revise the binary number system: (requires Flash)

This fits in with the CS Unplugged cards I used to introduce them to binary numbers. Click the green flag and it generates a random 5-digit binary number. Add up the dots to get the decimal equivalent and it shows you the correct answer if you get it wrong. Click the green flag again to have another go. You can also hide the cards to make it more challenging.

I’ve made another project to revise converting base 10 to binary:

Click the green flag to make a random base 10 number, then click the 0s and 1s to flip them until you think you have made the right total. Press ‘check!’ to see if you are right. You can also turn the dot cards on or off depending on how challenging you want it to be.

Of course if the pupils are keen Scratchers they can remix these projects to work with longer numbers or add a scoring system…

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