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The FaderPhone microbit musical instrument

Today I made a (sort of) electronic musical instrument with a BBC microbit and an old BBC radio studio fader. It’s wired up like I did previously, only I used pin 1 in place of pin 0 – as pin … Continue reading

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Add a potentiometer to your microbit

I had a 10k potentiometer lying around that I saved from some junked electronics – it may have been a volume control or something, I can’t remember. Today I found a use for it when I found this excellent web … Continue reading

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Dice maths investigation using Scratch

This week I did a maths investigation I recall doing myself when I was at primary school – and that was a long time ago! It’s the one where you find out which total scores, if any, are more likely … Continue reading

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Upcycling old netbooks

My school has a large number of old Asus eeePC 1001PX netbooks. They originally had WindowXP on, which obviously is no longer supported so their use was limited. Our IT department had rebuilt them with LXDE Linux for use in … Continue reading

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