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Connecting a thermal printer to a BBC microbit

UPDATE – I have tidied up the code a lot and put a demo program on Github for you to enjoy – prints out a demo page like the one below: I have a Sparkfun thermal till-roll printer which I … Continue reading

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Little Box of Haiku

Following on from my Little Box of Poems – which printed a random poem on till-roll (and which also inspired Carrie Anne Philbin’s Little Box of Geek) – I present: The Little Box of Haiku. It’s made from a RaspberryPi … Continue reading

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Little Box of Poems with a Raspberry Filling

Back in October 2012 I made my first Little Box of Poems – this is a self-contained box that prints out a random short poem when you press a big red shiny button. I like having poems instead of receipts … Continue reading

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Little Box of Poems

Anyone who’s unfortunate enough to follow me on Flickr knows that I’ve become a bit obsessed by till-roll lately. I bought a tiny thermal till-roll printer to hook up to my Arduino or RaspberryPi, the idea being to make a … Continue reading

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How many dragons did you kill today?

by Giles Booth, (then) aged 19 and three quarters ‘How many dragons did you kill today?’ Asks Philip Larkin in his turtle-like way, Scarcely believing he’s worse off than most Imprisoned by toads and his library post. But last night … Continue reading

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