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Picademy top tips and takeaways

I was incredibly lucky enough to get a place on Picademy in London this month. What is Picademy? It’s the best CPD I have ever had. They bring together teachers and educators for two days of shared learning about technology, … Continue reading

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Binary revision activity

I love making teaching resources in Scratch – even better getting pupils to make them too! Here’s a quiz I am going to use even as high as Year 9 to help them revise the binary number system: (requires Flash) … Continue reading

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Original Macintosh Finder font

I am a bit obsessed with Susan Kare’s original 1984 Macintosh bitmap fonts and design and made my own Truetype version of her great Chicago font using BitFontMaker. I then got intrigued by the font used on the labels of … Continue reading

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Two (3!) new old bitmap fonts

I’m a huge fan of Susan Kare’s work – she designed the beautiful fonts and icons on the original 1984 Macintosh computer, a real work of art. I am always telling my students about this. They probably think I am … Continue reading

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The FaderPhone microbit musical instrument

Today I made a (sort of) electronic musical instrument with a BBC microbit and an old BBC radio studio fader. It’s wired up like I did previously, only I used pin 1 in place of pin 0 – as pin … Continue reading

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