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The terminal problem with AI assistants

The thoughtful and very watchable reviews of the Humane AI pin and the Rabbit R1 AI assistant devices by Marques Brownlee have been doing the rounds (see below). His Rabbit R1 review is especially interesting towards the end where he … Continue reading

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Computer Lib / Dream Machines at 50

From time to time, I’ve posted snippets from Ted Nelson’s 1974 book(s) Computer Lib / Dream Machines on various social networks but, now it’s fifty years old, it seems like a good moment to pull together some of the eye-catching … Continue reading

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Surias – writing a program can be fun!

This is an unpublished article I wrote in around 1981 about a game my brother and I wrote for the Commodore PET. I am yet to find a program listing or cassette for the game, which I would love to … Continue reading

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Noughts and crosses

I just inherited a load of books on programming the 6502 processor in assembly language (and a Kim-1 computer, more on that later!). Among them was an intriguing 1980 book by Rodnay Zaks called 6502 Games. Zaks wrote what, for … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi video art installation

My daughter makes video art and needed a simple solution for showing one of her pieces continually in a loop. I used an old Raspberry Pi model B for this. I just realised that the only place I had documented … Continue reading

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