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Simple micro:bit video out

I love making little computers and getting video out from Arduinos and even micro:bits – IchiconQuest is a lovely self-contained, if eccentric, computer you can make with a micro:bit that has video out. I stumbled upon the video above remarkably … Continue reading

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BASYS nostalgia fest

BASYS was a newsroom computer system used very widely in the 1980s and 90s by many radio and TV broadcasters: the BBC and ITN in the UK, CNN and NBC in the USA, the ABC in Australia and probably many … Continue reading

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Bangle.js 2 hackable smartwatch – first impressions

The new version of the Bangle.js watch caught my eye on Kickstarter as the price seemed very reasonable. It’s a hackable smartwatch with lots of features: accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer, thermometer, colour LCD display, Bluetooth, heart rate sensor and GPS plus … Continue reading

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Ceefax from an old Raspberry Pi

Got an old Raspberry Pi? Nostalgic for the golden age of teletext? Why not make your own in-house teletext server? For those who may be unaware, teletext was a service common in European (PAL TV standard) countries that transmitted news … Continue reading

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micro:bit pulse oximeter

Around the same time I bought a cheap eCO2 sensor, I bought a MAX30100 pulse oximeter board for a few quid. I never got it working, partly because the protocol for making it work is very complex (way more complex … Continue reading

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