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Updated URLs for your internet radio

I’ve just been doing my annual maintenance on my kitchen radio – it’s an old RaspberryPi with a lovely Pimoroni Displayotron3000, and it runs their lovely radio script. (You configure it by editing the dot3k.cfg file in ~/Pimoroni/displayotron/dot3k/advanced) I’ve made … Continue reading

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Updated list of BBC network radio URLs

Update March 2021 Please note this is a VERY old blog post and the BBC is closing the streams listed below. I mainly listen online to Fip which is not affected. Have a look here for new streaming addresses and … Continue reading

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Displayotron3000 Pi Radio

IMPORTANT UPDATE JULY 2015: The BBC has changed the way it streams network radio – see here for details. And Fip has moved to http://audio.scdn.arkena.com/11016/fip-midfi128.mp3 In the summertime I built a Raspberry Pi radio that I could control via a … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi internet radio with web interface

Having made a bare-bones Raspberry Pi internet radio and one with an LCD display with push buttons to change channel, I decided that it would be nice to be able to control it from my smartphone, as well as displaying … Continue reading

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Adding RTÉ and Resonance FM to PiRadio

Just added 2 more stations to my PiRadio. Here’s the command line code for each. RTÉ Radio 1: mpc add http://icecast2.rte.ie/radio1 and Resonance FM: mpc add http://radio.canstream.co.uk:8004/live.mp3

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