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Surias – writing a program can be fun!

This is an unpublished article I wrote in around 1981 about a game my brother and I wrote for the Commodore PET. I am yet to find a program listing or cassette for the game, which I would love to … Continue reading

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Noughts and crosses

I just inherited a load of books on programming the 6502 processor in assembly language (and a Kim-1 computer, more on that later!). Among them was an intriguing 1980 book by Rodnay Zaks called 6502 Games. Zaks wrote what, for … Continue reading

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micro:bit NIM maths and computing investigation

NIM is a simple but potentially infuriating, ancient 2 player game. You have some counters or matchsticks, you’re allowed to take a limited number in each turn, say 1, 2 or 3. The winner is the person who takes the … Continue reading

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