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6502 breadboard computer: part 1

The first computer I ever used, probably in 1977, was my older brother’s KIM-1. This was a bare, single board computer that was really just a development kit for the 6502 microprocessor. It just had 6 numeric LED displays and … Continue reading

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micro:bit binary adding machine

I’m going to how to show you to turn two or more micro:bits in to a binary adding machine, using the same code on every micro:bit. The ability to add two numbers together is a fundamental building block of any … Continue reading

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10 most influential computers and programs

This tweet got me thinking… A work in progress: inspired by my recent trips to @tnmoc @sciencemuseum and #Apollo50th, I've decided to list 10 amazing tales that demonstrate remarkable achievements in the history of Computing. Have I omitted any obvious … Continue reading

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