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10 most influential computers and programs

This tweet got me thinking… A work in progress: inspired by my recent trips to @tnmoc @sciencemuseum and #Apollo50th, I've decided to list 10 amazing tales that demonstrate remarkable achievements in the history of Computing. Have I omitted any obvious … Continue reading

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Cheese Nibbler

There’s a great interview with Charlie Brooker in Custom PC magazine about how they made the interactive Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch, his roots in Sinclair Spectrum gaming and – most interesting of all – the stuff they had to leave … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Wiimote Paint

People have done some cool stuff controlling Raspberry Pi robots with Nintendo Wiimotes. Now I don’t have any robot bits, but I do have an old Wii sitting unloved upstairs, so I found the remote, put batteries in it and … Continue reading

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Makey Makey paper and pencil game controller

I had three goes at this before I got it to work: making a game controller from a sheet of paper with pencil drawings on. Pencil lead is made of graphite, which conducts electricity, so the Makey Makey allows you … Continue reading

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Did a security update on my PowerBook today; now it keeps forgetting my wireless network’s name and password. So it really is very bloody secure as it’s now mostly not connected to the internet at all any more. I forgave … Continue reading

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