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One moment please, while I arrange the galaxy

In 1977, the second computer I ever used was my dad’s Commodore PET 2001. This massive, sphinx-like machine of bent-steel with its terrible calculator keyboard, built-in cassette drive and ghostly white CRT monitor surrounded with a slightly IBM-ish shade of … Continue reading

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Adventures in Arduino TinyBASIC

I’ve been watching Wifi Sheep’s Arduino simple BASIC computer builds and this cool little project using LCD and OLED displays with interest, and I thought I might have a go at building something similar myself with parts I have lying … Continue reading

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Making a simple programming language on a micro:bit

I’ve been exploring writing a very, very simple text-based language for the micro:bit, in Python. I think it could be an educational project in two ways: A task for older students to design and create their own language. Make a … Continue reading

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Video from a BBC micro:bit with IchigonQuest

Back in 2017 I played with projects to get composite video from an Arduino – huge fun and very satisfying in a retro way. After trying TinyBASIC on a BBC micro:bit, I fell down a bit of an internet search … Continue reading

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Run BASIC on a BBC micro:bit

It was recently BASIC’s 57th birthday, the programming language many of us first used to do any computer programming on computers from the 1970s and 1980s like the Commodore PET, Sinclair ZX Spectrum or Apple 2. Worth remembering too that … Continue reading

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