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micro:bit Wordle game

I made a Wordle-like game in Python for the BBC micro:bit. The code is pretty compact and easy to understand, so I think getting students to create their own version of this popular game or pick apart this one would … Continue reading

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The Tower of Babel

Back in the 1990s, the BBC World Service had a newsroom computer system called EDiT. This was the World Service version of a system called BASYS which had a bit of an interesting past. It was widely used in TV … Continue reading

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Mastermind game for micro:bit

Following my calculator and communicator projects, I decided to recreate the classing 70s game Mastermind on the micro:bit. Mastermind was based on an older game, possibly called Bulls and Cows or Moo! There have been various computer versions of it … Continue reading

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Cheese Nibbler

There’s a great interview with Charlie Brooker in Custom PC magazine about how they made the interactive Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch, his roots in Sinclair Spectrum gaming and – most interesting of all – the stuff they had to leave … Continue reading

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Back in 2016, I made KettleRun, a micro:bit game where you had to navigate your space ship through a canyon in order to be rewarded with a nice, hot cup of tea. Now I’ve made a version for the Pimoroni … Continue reading

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