Back in 2016, I made KettleRun, a micro:bit game where you had to navigate your space ship through a canyon in order to be rewarded with a nice, hot cup of tea.

Now I’ve made a version for the Pimoroni scroll:bit – this is a bright 17×7 pixel (odd dimensions, right?) external LED display that you can program from MakeCode by adding the scroll:bit extension.

My new version of the game is a bit different – you navigate your ship (a bright dot on the left of the screen) through the canyon by tilting the micro:bit down and up. It has no levels, but the game gets faster as you go. You get more points the longer you survive, losing one of your 9 lives if you bash into rocks. Your lives are shown with a bar-graph on the micro:bit’s own 5×5 red LED display.

Download the code for the game here.

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