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Simple KS2 microbit radio activities

My KS2 (upper Junior school) after-school Code Club have been split into 3 groups up until now. Some have been hacking Minecraft on one of our three Raspberry Pis, three sets of children have been exploring the Makey Makey with … Continue reading

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Simple Scratch intruder alarm

Here’s a really simple Raspberry Pi project I’m going to try in my Year 6 Code Club. They’ve used Scratch before but never done any physical computing. Some of them have unused Raspberry Pis at home and this might inspire … Continue reading

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Lottie?

I really have better things to do (planning lessons, for example), so much has already been written and tweeted about Lottie Dexter and the Year of Code Car Crash of Newsnight – and yet, and yet… I hardly ever watch … Continue reading

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Python at CodeClub

Today William (11) and Henry (13) joined a group of kids helping CodeClub find out ways of possibly teaching the Python programming language in Primary school after-school clubs, in addition to Scratch. Scratch is a very kid-friendly graphical environment for … Continue reading

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