Visual MaKey MaKey Scratch piano

I liked the simple piano I used for the Potato Piano, but I wanted something with some visual feedback, so I just made this one. It works just the same, you wire up some vegetables, PlayDoh, stairs, children etc to the arrow and W A S D keys on the MaKey MaKey and off you go, playing tunes by doing the mash potato.

My Scratch piano only has 8 notes on display, and shows you which notes are being played by lighting them up in the appropriate colours (I’m not sure of the value of coloured musical notation, but it looks pretty!)

You can play it on the Scratch web site at, or download the Scratch 1.4 code by right-clicking here. (I still use Scratch 1.4 because it’s what we have installed in the schools I work in, and it runs on a RaspberryPi – but I will get into Scratch 2, I promise!)

Here I am ‘playing’ the Potato Piano with the old Scratch project:

filmed by the Tillster (8)

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  1. carlos says:

    Tienes mal el enlace al archivo .sb “”
    Debería decir “http:///”
    Sorry for my english;)

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