Adding a station and summertime to PiRadio

“Summer’s here! It’s time for MAYONNAISE!”

I think that was how Bill Bryson described a typical British women’s magazine strapline of the 50s or 60s. Summertime also means that my PiRadio is displaying frosty old GMT, so I need to change its timezone to account for British Summer Time.

To do this, I SSH’d in to a command line on the PiRadio and ran

sudo raspi-config

and picked option 4 – ‘Internationalisation Options’ to select London Town.

My good friend Rycharde recommended a Dutch jazz radio station called Sublime, so I wanted to add that too. So again, at the command line I typed

mpc add

to add a new station. This also meant that I needed to edit my main python code to allow for the extra station:

if key == "UP":
station += 1
if station > 9:
station = 1


elif key == "DOWN":
station -=1
if station < 1:
station = 9

(9 rather than 8, as I had 8 stations in my playlist before).

We'll see if Sublime is as good as the mighty Fip...

And they say the living is 'easy' - hah!

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