Farewell to Bush

Bush House
I had no idea this film was being made until today – Thomas Hannen and Owain Rich have made a beautiful sequence of images using some of the voices I and others recorded for the radio programmes John Tusa and Anna Horsbrough-Porter made about the BBC World Service leaving its longtime home in Bush House near Covent Garden in London.
millennium night
I’m biased because I worked in Bush House for about 20 years, the stones, mortar and dust of the fabric of the building are filled with a million memories, good and bad…
Head of Ducts' Office

I’ve had an emotional rollercoaster of a day and it was so wonderful to end it by being sent this beautiful little film, and so honoured to be included among so many amazing people and voices.
My last World Briefing TX

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  1. Clare says:

    Gosh, that must have been tough. X

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