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I’m a personality prototype – you can probably tell

I’m increasingly distrustful of personality profiling. I’m also suspicious of the ‘fixed versus growth mindset’ ideas, but the more I think about pigeonholing people into personality types, the more I think the growth mindset people like Matthew Syed are on … Continue reading

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Supply & demand: the school staffing crisis

There is, I believe, a looming crisis in school staffing. In fact, I think it’s already here. We already know that the number of new teachers being trained is falling, and that schools struggle to retain staff after a few … Continue reading

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Brew School

I was lucky enough to get a last-minute place on the Brew School at the Brockley Brewery in Lewisham, London. I’m a huge fan of their porter, and have always wanted to have a go at home brewing so this … Continue reading

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DIY semi-interactive whiteboard

There’s been a bit of a debate on Twitter, hosted by @oldandrewuk, over the last few hours about the benefits of different display technologies in classrooms. Alongside interactive whiteboards (IWBs) like Promethean and SMART boards, people have been reminiscing about … Continue reading

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